• Shelter from the Storm: How Red Panda Protection Can Help Other Species in Decline

    Red pandas aren’t the largest in their class, but these nocturnal Asian mammals about the size of a house cat are big indicators of the health of their habitat. Listed as “endangered” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, red pandas are what conservationists call an “umbrella species.” […]

  • Visit Red Pandas — Make A Difference For The Planet

    Jennie of the Jungle and RPN are teaming up to provide a Himalayan adventure with global significance. Red Pandas. Travel. Conservation. Community. Can you imagine finding all of those in one experience? That’s exactly what I knew I’d discovered when I first heard of Red Panda Network (RPN) and Jennie of the Jungle’s new partner […]

  • Press Release: Ecotrip travelers see increasing numbers of red pandas in Nepal.

    Red panda cubs during December 2019 Eco Zoo Trip. Photo: Sarah Jones. Download the full press release here. Good news can be hard to come by for people working to save threatened and endangered species. That’s why the Red Panda Network (RPN) is delighted to share some heartening news worth celebrating: In 2019, there was […]

  • “Winging” It for Red Pandas

    Jason’s passion for red pandas is boundless as he takes to the skies to save them. Like many Red Panda Network (RPN) supporters, Jason Phelan has a fondness for red pandas. Their cuteness and vulnerability led him to first adopt one more than 20 years ago at Dudley Zoological Gardens in the West Midlands, England, […]