RPN Merchandise & Gifts

Organic Himalayan Gold Tea

Red Panda Tea comes from the foothills of Mt. Kangchenjunga near the protected forests where the elusive and endangered red panda inhabits.

The unique golden-red colored soil of the Eastern Himalayas gives this tea its name and body. Tea leaves are long oxidized, curled and naturally dried for several hours which gives this tea its natural aroma. The final product offers delicious notes of refreshing wild honey and fruit.

Certified organic by USD and CERES Certification of Environmental Standards.

Proceeds support our conservation activities and the
communities dedicated to protecting red pandas.

Earrings - NEW!

Handmade from white metal and brass by artisan women in Kathmandu. Purchase supports sustainable economic opportunities in Kathmandu valley.

Gift Items

Donations of $25 or more get FREE gifts! All donations support our efforts to protect red pandas and their habitat.
$25 or more (or $5 a month) - voucher for 10% discount on red panda ecotrips ($235 value)!
$75 - ‘Fuji Takes a Walk’ Children’s Book
$100  - Red Panda Plush or a 2018 Red Panda Calendar or an RPN T-shirt (choose from shirts on our Bonfire store!)