Sponsor a Forest Guardian

Forest Guardians are the key to the future of red panda: they work within their own communities to create a Community Forest Network, which empowers local people to protect their forests. They monitor and protect red panda habitat, as well as educate communities.

Over the last two years, our national team has increased from 54 to 73 members who work in the PIT Red Panda Protected Forest of Eastern Nepal. Now we are expanding our community conservation programs to Western Nepal where red pandas are unprotected and face local extinction.

Support our Forest Guardian program:

There are two ways to support forest guardians:

A. Join our Panda Guardian team!
Give monthly and provide direct support to our Forest Guardian team. *Current 2018 team at bottom of page.
B. Sponsor a Forest Guardian!
Your Forest Guardian sponsorship not only helps protect the red panda but it supports a family at the same time.
Sponsors will receive:
$50 – $200: Official sponsorship certificate
$200 – $500: Official sponsorship certificate & acknowledgment on website
$500 + Official sponsorship certificate, a personal thank-you letter from Forest Guardian, website acknowledgment

Sponsor Needs

Ashok Basnet

Needs one year of support at $500 level
Age: 67
Location: Tiringe, Taplejung
Primary occupation: Agriculture
Family size: 6
Speaks: Nepali
Years as Forest Guardian: 2 years
Community Forest: Sayapatri Pokhari Community Forest
Skills: Forest monitoring, Anti-poaching, Nature Guide (Red Panda Tracker)

Ashok Basnet is 68 years old and is the chairperson of Sayapatri Community Forest. He is also very passionate about wildlife conservation and is an RPN Forest Guardians. Having spent much of his life  among the local forests and wildlife, he is an expert on Himalayan biodiversity.

“I feel pleasure and a sense of satisfaction being in the forest. I have been protecting forest for many years. However, I didn’t have proper technical knowledge for a long time. Now—as a Forest Guardian with RPN—my capacity, knowledge and skills are very developed.” Ashok is now regarded as the conservation guru among his community and is immediately consulted when anyone has concerns related to the forest or wildlife.

Current Forest Guardian Sponsorships

Bishal Gurung sponsored for 1 year at $1,000 level by Cumbria Zoo Company Limited in honor of Safari Zoo on September 11th, 2018.
Shyam Tiwari sponsored for 1 year at $500 level by Hans Sigg on June 27th, 2018.
Bhakti Hang Limbu sponsored for 1 year at $1000 level by Zoo d’Asson on June 10, 2018
Bimala Moktan sponsored for 1 year at $500 level by Michael Nelson in honor of Mhari Lawson on February 23rd, 2018
Dipa Rai sponsored for 1 year at $500 level by Beatrice Potter on February 13th, 2018
Surya Dulal sponsored for 1 year at $1,000 level by John Ball Zoo on December 28th, 2017
Menuka Bhattarai sponsored for 1 year at $1,500 level by John Ball Zoo on December 28th, 2017
Damber Dhoj Rai sponsored for 1 year at $500 level by Beatrice Potter on December 20th, 2017
Lal Bahadur Khabas sponsored for 1 year at $225 level by Rebecca Snyder on December 12th, 2017
Lal Bahadur Khabas sponsored for 1 year at $360 level by Abigail Carbon on October 27th, 2017
Narendra Kumar Rai sponsored for 1 year at $360 level by Beatrice Potter on February 1st, 2017

Donors by Monthly Giving Level

$50 & $100 $25–$30 $14–$20 $10 $5-$9
David Hettlinger

Kennon Hudson
Robyn Katz
Akifumi Yamamoto
Maya Temelkova
Philip Watts
James Chowdry
Laura Gugelmann
Simonet Isabelle

John Heinbockel
Anton Frank
Eric Gottschalk
Holly MacCormick
Celeste Nelson
Katha Pollitt
Victoria Shin
Justin Cassidy
Joshua Gacek
Nadine Juncker
David Posner
Daniel Wright
Emma Griffin
Carolyn Zelina

Vincent Elster
Henrik Ivarsson
Marta V
Corinna Loeffler
Jess Barnhart
Jasmine Borefelt
Julien Calenge
Vicky Vladic
Audren Jiquel
Jim Simmons
Tom Hen
Michael Mortimer
Ragnar Ulricson
Sean Vaide
David Emily Grieson
Vaughan Evans

Lauren Buches
Karla Carter
Myrrha Deming
Tegan Dwyer
Amanda Fenlason
McKenna Gibson
Kristin Hoffman
Matthew Hunley
James Ivey
Karl Leys
Lisa McGrann
David McLoghlin
Holly Milligan
Alex Risdall
Rachel Silver
Emma Thomson
Dean Barker
Trina Borras
Meegan Cross
Jacob Dekker
Amy Fiske
Clare Fowles
Jonathan Hulscher
Jewel Lipps
Zachary Lovas
Babin Michel
Marie Therese Kristine Moen
Liv Moritz
Saxon Parker
Alfredo Soler Carracedo
Stephanie Spriggs
Stacy Watts
Cadence Cooley
Sarah Ellenberger
Tristan Galloway
Lucy Holmes
Jessica Hughes
Joshua Iles
Malgorzata Jakubowska
gibson kinloch
Victor Maquigneau
Gillian Peden
Ezra Rice
Chris Turner-Neal
Zoë Vesley-Gross
George caroline Anderson
Sarah Bergmann
Melissa Bradford
Caitlin Bryer
Veronica Champness
Laura Kluge
Maria Rivera
Brenlee Shipps
Susan Shirley
Jouke Smeding
Justine Wild

Valorie Gay
Kevin Weise
Aimee Williams
Elisa Ochoa Ponce
Siyu Li
Lisa Moore
Philip Sharp
William Demby
Simen Ba
Daniele Bragaglio
John Coons
Shaina DiLalla
Emily Gorham Massey
Arvid Gullberg
April H
Lisa Marie Izquierdo
ALan Moa¡kotevc
Rachel Moloney
Holly Robinson
Miriam Steinke
Nicole Steirer
Emily Swint
Mara Tabiadon
Jared Wesson
Michael Whisman
Matt Wood
Daniel Boshoff
Clary Bryan
Rhonda Budd
Samantha Carson
Sarah Corriveau
Octave Gaspard
Rosanna Gnocchi
Terri Grimm
Anthony Johnson
Craig Jones
Joslyn Juif
Susan Konopka
Stephanie Kuhn
Mary Ann Lana
Tiffany Lavinder
Emily Lenaghan
Jason Lucas
Alex Montgomery
Hannah Myles
Renee’ Nelson
Kimberly Sloan
Mackenzie Tatham
Lee Taylor
Megan Vineyard
Jefferson Wilham
Mona Øwre
Aubrey Amirault
Isabella Bartholdy
Josh Basden
Amanda Bates
Caitlyn Bowers
Brandon Burley
Martin Cabal
Abby Chronister
Caleb Cruz
Kai Curtis
Patrick Delaney
Stuart Deneen
Aimee Dooley
Sarah Fensom
Ole & Vanessa Gresing
Andrew Hall
Courtney Hall
Jean Hsu
Robert Kieran
Tia Kinney
Tim Klawitter
Maia Lindell-Smith
Katharine Marsh
Ashley Mazzella
Jacqueline McLurg
Amanda Mech
Damon Moss
Jula Novak
Noelle Parker
Maggie Price
Cara Purdy
Matthew Quiett
Amanda Rease
Kim Scott
Samantha Silverstein
Paloma Solis
Peter Thomsen
Leanne Valera
Maggie Voelzke
Eddie Walker
Chloe Jandsten
Cole Abel
Hannah Baer
Veronica Cichowski
Filippo Conti
Lindsay Culpepper
Jared Evangelista
Michele & Dylan Fryer
Mike Funchion
Madeleine Glennie-Smith
Jessica Hargreaves
Kaylee Henning
Allan Holley
Danie lHontz
Margaret Kretzer
Trevor Kugler
Alysia Leonhardt
Allison Lowber
Mark Martinez
Melissa McMeans
Jim Pease
Michael Price
Mary Ring
Christopher Riwik
Chloe Royer
Jitiaux Sabrina
Callum Solly
Matthew Sullivan
Charley Tarbuck
Leila Toba
Alexandra Trotter
Cami Walter
Zack Wein
Cale Winebrenner