International Red Panda Day was created in November 2010 by RPN and celebrated in more than 16 zoos and schools around the world. Since 2011 IRPD is officially on the third Saturday of September.

2010 Celebrations Around the World

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Radio station RTV RIJNMOND featured a piece on International Red Panda Day on their show Chris Natuurlijk on Saturday, November 13, 2010. If you missed the live broadcast you can download the podcast here. Rotterdam Zoo also took part in IRPD by hosting their own red panda activities. Thank you Rotterdam Zoo for raising $454.79 towards red panda conservation!

Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb Zoo celebrated with us and invited children to name twin red panda cubs. Their names, Bamboo and Coco, were revealed by Anđa Marić, the famous red haired Croatian Singer/Actress on International Red Panda Day.
Have You Seen a Red Panda? Meet Twins! from

Görlitz, Germany
Climbing trees in search of red panda scat (poop!), a word search and more were available for visitors at Naturschutz-Tierpark Görlitz. Thank you Görlitz Zoo for raising €8 towards red panda conservation!

Cornwall, UK
Red Panda Keepers at Paradise Park, Donna and Sarah-Jayne, had face painting, mask making and a raffle to meet and feed one of their red panda. They also handed out “Red Panda – I’m Aware!” badges.

Colwyn Bay, North Wales UK
Red panda colouring sheets were available for children throughout the day and there was a talk at the Red Panda enclosure in the afternoon at Welsh Mountain Zoo. Keeper Tom Lawrence took some bamboo into the panda enclosure and introduced their two red pandas Ming Ming and Bron. Education Officer Sue Coleman provided more information on the threats facing Red pandas in the wild and there was an opportunity to do a quiz. The winner of the quiz was Rowena Davies from Old Colwyn who has won a Red panda adoption for one year!

Gray, Tennessee USA
Gray Fossil Museum celebrated with activities for children and a special presentation by lead red panda fossil researcher, Dr. Steven Wallace. The museum is also donating half of the proceeds from the sale of the red panda patch at the fossil site to Red Panda Network!
1st Annual International Red Panda Day to be celebrated at Gray Fossil Site from

Millbrook, New York USA
With a strict class dress code, Millbrook School raised funds by having students pay $1 to wear jeans and the color red on Friday, November 12, 2010. Trevor Zoo student curators drew a chalkboard mural of red pandas in celebration of their 2 red pandas, Hope and Pang Pang. Trevor Zoo is the only Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) accredited zoo that is based at a high school. Thank you Trevor Zoo and Millbrook School for raising $400 towards red panda conservation!
Millbrook Celebrates Red Panda Day by Jane Meigs, Conservation and Education Director at Millbrook School

Boise, Idaho USA
Zoo Boise introduced its new red panda cub, Angus, on International Red Panda Day. He was born on June 23, 2010. Zoo Boise is a big supporter of Red Panda Network having already donated $2,000 to red panda conservation this year.
Zoo Boise Introduces Red Panda Cub from KTRV-TV Fox 12

Eureka, California USA
RPN CEO Brian Williams headlined 2 talks at Sequoia Park Zoo where children played a human board game and other red panda activities. Children received a badge sticker at each mountain stage to collect in their very own red panda passport on their way to becoming Red Panda Rangers. Thank you Sequoia Park Zoo for raising $151.19 towards red panda conservation!
Celebrate Red Panda Day from the Times-Standard

Raritan Township, New Jersey, USA
The Hunterdon County Library welcomed local author/illustrator Leeza Hernandez to lead their red panda day activities. Children traveled to the Himalayas and played “Feed the Red Panda.”
Celebrate the Red Panda at the Library from the Flemington InJersey

Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Red Panda Day Cake, school wide assembly and activities was how the Park School of Baltimore celebrated International Red Panda Day. Thank you Park School of Baltimore for raising $230 towards red panda conservation!

Kirkcudbright, Scotland UK
Thank you Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park for raising £250 ($380) towards red panda conservation! Read the article below about Galloway’s red panda day activities.
Panda-monium! from the Galloway News

Oakland, California USA
Thank you Oakland Zoo and Roots&Shoots for raising $215 towards red panda conservation!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
Thank you Milwaukee County Zoo and Milwaukee Chapter of American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) for raising $300 towards red panda conservation!

South Bend, Indiana USA
Thank you Potawatomi Zoo for raising $5 towards red panda conservation!

Duisburg, Germany
Thank you Zoo Duisburg for raising $660 towards red panda conservation!

Photos from International Red Panda Day 2010

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Red Panda Network supports the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity

Recorded Live from Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, California USA – November 13, 2010

Brian’s Presentation 1

Brian’s Presentation 2

Red Panda Exhibit

Level 1 Rangers

Level 2 Rangers

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