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Fill out this questionnaire:
1. What is your name and address? If you have an e-mail address, feel free to write that down, too!

2. How did you first learn about red pandas? (your teacher, a friend, a book?)

3. Now let’s test your red panda knowledge (check out our fun facts page if you get stuck!). Can you name one country where red pandas are found in the wild?

4. Why are red pandas the “original” pandas (instead of giant pandas)?

5. What is a Nepalese name for red pandas, and what does it mean?

6. Why are red pandas sometimes called “firefoxes?”

7. How does a red panda’s red fur help them hide from predators?

8. Do red pandas have claws?

9. Red pandas and giant pandas are both famous for eating a particular plant. In the wild, a red panda can eat up to 200,000 of this plant’s leaves every day. What plant is it?

10. Are red pandas more closely related to giant pandas or raccoons? (Download our red panda facts for help).

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