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Guard red pandas from extinction with a recurring gift that supports
community-based conservation.

Monthly Giving Is The Best Way to Protect Red Pandas:

Recurring gifts provide us with the ongoing support that allows us to commit to lasting and sustainable conservation initiatives in red panda countries. As a Panda Guardian you will enjoy:
Hassle-free, automatic monthly donations - The knowledge that your donation is having the biggest impact - The ability to change or suspend your donation at any time. As you can see, monthly donations make a big impact:

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Our conservation programs extend to nearly one million acres of forest and 50% of Nepal's red panda range.

Your Gift Will Make A Difference

Red Panda Network is the world leader in red panda conservation. Since 2007, we have been working with local communities in Nepal to serve as active partners in the conservation of wild red pandas and their habitat.
Our primary focus includes:

  • Research & Monitoring

    Delivering usable data through status surveys, baseline studies, and community-based monitoring to inform conservation strategies.

  • Policy and Advocacy

    Empowering local communities to preserve their forests and governments to adopt policies that protect red pandas and their habitat.

  • Community-­based Conservation

    Working with local communities in establishing wildlife corridors and viable red panda populations.

  • Education and Outreach

    Building awareness at local and global scales.

  • Sustainable Livelihoods

    Providing alternatives to communities for promoting sustainable living and stewardship.

Words from Panda Guardian member. Full testimonies at bottom of page.
Words from Panda Guardian member. Full testimonies at bottom of page.
$15 A Month
$25 A Month

Get a free iron-on embroidered patch or unisex t-shirt when you join our Panda Guardian team with a monthly gift!

Testimonies from Panda Guardian members:

"I first heard of the Red Panda species only a few years ago in 2016. Immediately, their beauty captivated me and as an artist I often would create paintings or drawings of them in my spare time. The more that I researched about this unique species, the more I fell in love and realized how special they truly are. I wanted to make sure I contributed in some way to the preservation of these little guys, and for now the best way to do that is to contribute monthly. Even though the amount is small, I still feel that it is better than doing nothing while the Red Pandas need all of the help that they can get."

- Emily

"I adopted a red panda and became a monthly donor because I fell in love with the species and learned very recently that they are highly endangered. I think red pandas are vital to the ecosystem in the foothills of the Himalayas, and because humans are most at blame for their recent plight, I feel we should do our best to ensure that they survive and thrive in the wild."

- Anonymous

"I support the Red Panda Network because of their holistic approach to conservation, including on-ground research and monitoring, advocacy and education. I especially admire their community-based conservation model, harnessing the knowledge and passion of local people to protect and enhance red panda habitat, in turn improving the livelihoods of communities living in those areas. I can't imagine a world without red pandas, and I'm so grateful that organisations like the Red Panda Network are fighting to keep these beautiful and unique species in the wild."

- Veronica