• Record red panda sightings in Eastern Nepal

    A group of eight ecotrippers arrived in Nepal to see red pandas in their native habitat. They saw eight during the most successful ecotrip in RPN history. It was late November when participants of Red Panda Network (RPN)’s 2018 Eco Zoo Trip arrived in the Himalayan hills of Eastern Nepal. The group—led by Sarah Jones […]

  • RPN celebrates 100 Forest Guardians by planting forests for red pandas!

    On Thursday, April 18th, Krishna Basnet, and Nar Bahadur Basnet walked into the woods on their first day as Forest Guardians (FGs). Within their quiet footsteps was a well-deserved celebration: after many years and much hard work RPN’s Forest Guardian program had grown to 100 members strong! This journey began in 2006 when the Red […]

  • Red panda attacked by dogs, rescued by locals

    Locals from a rural village in Ilam rescued a red panda that was being chased by stray dogs. The red panda was later released back into its habitat. RPN Forest Guardian led the effort. Maijogmai Rural Municipality-3 is located in the Himalayan foothills of Eastern Nepal. It is one of six rural municipalities located in Ilam District. […]

  • Rolpa: A Future Hub for Ecotourism and Red Panda Conservation

    Red Panda Network (RPN) is well into its second year of expanding programs into Western Nepal and the local response has been encouraging as people begin to see the livelihood benefits of conservation. ​The mountain forests of Western Nepal are particularly important as they constitute more than half of the habitat available to red pandas […]

  • Red Pandas: Respect for their Roads

    Red Panda Network forest guardian Tej Kumar Rai used his cell phone to capture this close-up photo of the adorable red panda, shown here on October 1. He also captured an important phenomenon: the struggle to balance the needs of red pandas for freedom of movement across their habitat range and the

  • Red Panda Celebration Toolkit Now Available for International Red Panda Day!

    Red pandas will be honored all over the world on September 20, as zoos and other groups join Red Panda Network to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of International Red Panda Day! There are many ways to celebrate this special occasion, but the original goal for International Red Panda Day is to create as many

  • Red Panda Network Holds Conservation Workshop with Armed Police Force (APF) in Eastern Nepal

    How does Red Panda Network protect red pandas? One crucial step toward protecting the endangered species is to build awareness about the species with the community that shares its habitat! Red Panda Network conducts red panda conservation through community-based fieldwork, whether it’s training forest guardians, meeting with locals and forming

  • Red Panda and Pangolin Partner up on the Perfect T-shirt

    Red Panda Network is excited to announce our partnership with Pangolin! Pangolin is a clothing company founded on two basic principles: making unique clothing and supporting endangered animals. At least 50% of the profits are guaranteed to go directly to helping the species on the shirt. And as you can

  • Red Panda Zookeepers Worldwide: Join Our Naming Contest!

      Red Panda Network commemorates  International Red Panda Day (IRPD) every year on the third Saturday of September. We are roughly 60 days out from our 5th Anniversary celebration of IRPD, which takes place September 20 this year, worldwide! And this year, in light of all you do to breed and

  • Red Panda Facts vs. Giant Panda Facts!

    Red pandas and giant pandas. Must be pretty similar, right? I mean they're both "pandas," they both eat bamboo, they're both cute and furry; they even share habitat! But there are also many differences between these two adorable creatures. Here are ten facts that'll make you a TRUE panda expert!

  • Red Panda Network EcoTrip Anyone? 10 Reasons to Go!

    Red panda pictures are easy to find on social media channels these days but where can you see real live red pandas in the wild? Red Panda Network (RPN) offers guided ecotrips in Eastern Nepal that make it possible to see red pandas in their natural habitat! Here are the

  • Red Panda Fact Sheet from Red Panda Network

    Red panda facts anyone? This infographic was designed by Red Panda Network volunteer graphic  designer, Luis Alejandro Martinez. Luis is about to get his bachelors in Digital Arts & Design from Full Sail University and here at Red Panda Network, we think his future looks pretty bright! Looking for more facts

  • Red Panda Network Forest Guardian Confirms Red Panda Presence in Phalaicha VDC, Panchthar

    Exciting news from the Red Panda Network field team arrives just in time for Endangered Species Day this year. While the presence of red panda was already confirmed a few years ago in the greater Panchthar District, a Red Panda Network forest guardian recently spotted and photographed a red panda