• No Panda Pets!

    Some at-risk species suffer from a lack of public attention and awareness. In the case of the red panda, too much misguided attention may be doing them harm by encouraging the black market trade of red panda pets. Recently, reports have surfaced of wild red pandas in cages, presumably captured for the exotic pet trade. […]

  • Man arrested in Rukum district for possession of red panda hides

    Last week, a police team from Western Rukum Police Administration arrested Bikash BK, a twenty-one-year-old from Banfikot municipality. Three red panda hides were confiscated from BK. According to Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sumit Khadka, a few days before the seizure, the police received information about some people trying to smuggle drugs and tiger skins from […]

  • Phinju Sherpa: From livestock herder to red panda tracker

    He was there in the beginning and he is there now to see the forests protected, communities involved and more wild red pandas than ever before. At the young age of 13, Phinju Sherpa had to make a difficult choice; stay at home on his traditional family farm, or pursue a semi-nomadic herding life raising […]

  • Red Panda Hide Seized in Jajarkot

    Authorities have arrested three people for smuggling a red panda hide in Nalgad municipality in Jajarkot, one of the most remote and mountainous districts in Nepal. Acting on a tip,  Jajarkot police arrested Ganesh Sunar, 25, and Yubaraj B.K., 24, for possession of a red panda skin. About 5 months ago, the police had received […]

  • Top 5 Reasons to Love Red Panda Mothers!

    Celebrate Mother’s Day with Red Panda Network as we pay our respect to red panda moms! Red pandas are an endangered species and red panda infant mortality is high. Habitat loss, deforestation, human disruptions, natural predators and illegal poaching all threaten the future of red pandas. But red panda mothers

  • Where Red Pandas, Fundraising, and the French Horn Converge

    On Wednesday, April 16th at 5:15 p.m., in Walter Hall at the University of Toronto, undergraduate student Natalie Worden performed her graduating horn recital, followed by a reception to celebrate the completion of a successful fundraising campaign to raise $1,000 for red pandas and the Red Panda Network. All we

  • Red Panda Network Eco Trip Report From Mike Owyang

    In October of 2013, myself and two co-workers from the Sacramento Zoo (Sacramento, California USA), Lead Carnivore Keeper Amanda Mayberry and General Curator Harrison Edell traveled to Nepal on a two week Red Panda Network Eco Trip. The Sacramento Zoo is currently home to six Red Pandas, including our newest

  • Congratulations, Vivian Lane!

    The Red Panda Network is excited to announce that Vivian Lane has won the science fair at Riverside Elementary School where she presented her very own Red Panda Project! Vivian visited 8 zoos to prepare for the competition, studying how different zoos take care of their red pandas. She then

  • Meet Ang Phuri Sherpa; RPN’s New Country Director in Nepal

    Red Panda Network is excited to welcome Ang Phuri Sherpa as our Country Director in Nepal. Mr. Sherpa was born in the Solukhumbu district of the Mount Everest Region of Nepal. “During my childhood in the 1970’s, I remember people from my village telling how “Ohprakpa” (red panda in Sherpa

  • RPN frām

    Buy A Frām iPhone Case and Support Red Panda Network!

    We are excited to announce our Holiday Season partnership with Ideative, the creators of Frām. Frām is “the only iPhone® case you can personalize with any photo in seconds using the unique integrated template” This item makes a great holiday gift and is only available through Amazon and if you

  • Happy 11th Birthday to Skye, a Red Panda Hero!

    Red Panda Network wishes Skye Slater a very Happy 11th Birthday and we want to thank Skye and honor her for her devotion to Red Panda conservation. Not only did she participate in the Red Panda Network 2013 Art Contest but she has been visiting art studios to create red

  • The Tale of Parco Natura Viva and the Red Panda Tail!

    Here is the inspirational tale of how Parco Natura Viva, a wildlife park in Bussolengo, Verona, Italy, engaged the public and raised over 2000 Euros on behalf of red panda conservation during a year-long campaign celebrating this dynamic species. First, the zoo conducted a public survey via social media channels,

  • International Red Panda Day 2013 at Potawatomi Zoo

    By Kevin Slater The first International Red Panda Day took place in 2010. Since then, the Red Panda Network has continually strived to improve upon the foundations stipulated by the day – to encourage conservation of the shrinking habitat that red pandas call home, to educate people around the world