• First Red Pandas Photographed in Western Nepal!

    Forest Guardian, Kamal Nepali, photographs first red pandas since RPN’s expansion to Western Nepal. On the morning of November 22, 2018, RPN Forest Guardian, Kamal Nepali, and his wife, were walking in Sankadaha Community Forest of Jajarkot district, Western Nepal. A cold breeze was blowing as sunlight pierced through the canopy of mixed pine, rhododendron, […]

  • Help RPN connect red panda habitats in Western Nepal!

    Thanks to Giving Tuesday support, RPN will expand to core habitat areas in Western Nepal. But this is just the beginning.   On November 27th, 2018, people all over the world gave generously and helped Red Panda Network (RPN) raise over $20,000 on Giving Tuesday. All donations were matched by RPN partner, Medway Charitable Trust. “This […]

  • Menuka Bhattarai: The Firefox Guardian

    RPN’s first female Forest Guardian—and the focus of the award-winning documentary The Firefox Guardian—shares her story and how she fell in love with the endangered red panda. Just over a decade ago, Menuka Bhattarai was walking through the forest in Eastern Nepal, when a colorful cat-like animal crossed her path and vanished inside the dense […]

  • Your Holiday Guide to Gifts and Giving!

    Happy Holidays from Red Panda Network! Here are 6 ways you can make an impact for red pandas — while giving fantastic gifts — this holiday season: #1 Double your impact for red pandas! Thanks to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo and San Francisco Zoo, every dollar you give for red pandas will be doubled. Red panda adoptions […]

  • Red Panda Network Nepal Team Rolls Out 4th Annual International Red Panda Day with the slogan “There is no excuse for red panda abuse”

    September 21, 2013 is a historic day for Red Panda Network. Not only is today the 4th annual celebration of International Red Panda Day, a day created to celebrate the uniqueness of this dynamic species, but today our field team will take a historic step forward with our progress in

  • Thanks, Assiniboine Park Zoo!

    This summer, Red Panda Network received a generous donation from Assiniboine Park Zoo AAZK Chapter. On April 25th they held their second “Rumors for Red Pandas” event at a local comedy club and again it was a huge success. We are deeply grateful for their support and are moved by their efforts

  • RPN Community Conservation Coordinator Selected as a 2013 Disney Conservation Hero

    [singlepic=735,320,,,right] The Walt Disney Company has selected an outstanding individual for a Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund Conservation Hero award – Red Panda Network’s Community Conservation Coordinator, Damber Bista! Red Panda Network staff caught up with Damber in the field to deliver the news and asked him some candid questions. RPN:

  • Rainbows Visited the Red Pandas at Paradise Wildlife Park

    The 25th St. Albans’ Rainbows from the U.K. held a sponsored silence in March and raised over £400 for the Red Panda Network. The Rainbows range from 5 to 7 in age, so to keep silent for 45 minutes was a real challenge for some of them! The Rainbows celebrated

  • Red Panda Network Helps with Red Panda Release Documentary on Japanese TV

    The Japanese TV network NHK showed an updated documentary about the release of red pandas in the Singhalila range, along the border between Nepal and the Indian district of Darjeeling, near one of the project areas where Red Panda Network works to conserve the unprotected habitat on the Nepalese side.

  • Kathmandu Zoo Receives Unexpected Visitor – First Red Panda in 24 Years!

    [singlepic=673,320,,,right] It has been 24 years since the Kathmandu Zoo has received a red panda. The Kathmandu Zoo, the only zoo in Nepal, also known as Central Zoo (Sadar Chidiyakhana, in the Jawalakhel part of Kathmandu) or Patan Zoo (after the Lalitpur area of the city it is in), lucked

  • Four winners of RPN Research Scholarship 2012 announced

    In September 2012 RPN introduced the first ever systematic red panda research scholarship program for Nepali masters students for up to NPR 35,000 each. The goal is to advance priority research on the conservation status and baseline study of wild red pandas in Nepal, particularly in understudied areas, in order

  • Himalayan Marathon in Taplejung, Nepal: And the winners are …

    [singlepic=649,190,,,right] An auspicious 123 runners raced in the Himalayan Guide Marathon 2013, co-sponsored by Red Panda Network and its Disney Red Panda Community Conservation Awareness project in Taplejung, eastern Nepal. Among them were 103 male runners competing in the full marathon and 20 female runners in the half-marathon. This is

  • Himalayan Marathon Races to the Top for Red Panda Conservation

    [singlepic=639,250,,,right]Taplejung, Eastern Nepal, March 12, 2013. One of the toughest and highest altitude marathon races in the world raises the flag for red panda conservation and the unique biodiversity and beauty of the eastern Himalayas. Co-sponsored by Red Panda Network (RPN), its Disney Conservation Fund community conservation project, and four