• Rhinos and Red Pandas

    In December last year, 26 homestay owners in Nepal discussed best practices in ecotourism. Their dialogue highlighted the importance of all actors in conservation and community. What do rhinos and red pandas have in common? Nothing much, apart from the fact that they are both mammals and vertebrates. Rhinos, or Rhinoceros, is one of five […]

  • Reach Out and Tell Someone: Red Panda Network Shares Its Story, Builds Local Government Support

    In a country in a constant state of political transition, building relationships with government officials can be difficult. Nepal is on its 11th prime minister since 2006, with the previous one serving for only eight months before stepping down Feb. 15. But Red Panda Network (RPN) is forging ahead with its efforts to keep the […]

  • Free-Roaming Dogs: a Major Threat to Red Pandas

    On a daily basis, red pandas face an uphill battle for survival. They are threatened by habitat destruction and fragmentation, illegal poaching, haphazard development work, and untimely weather affecting the flowering of their primary food source, bamboo. Another threat has emerged: numerous free-roaming dogs within the red panda habitat, and they appear to be triggering […]

  • Experience Red Pandas at Paradise Park – Cornwall

    Whether holding a raffle to raise money to adopt a red panda or supporting programs that address deforestation in red panda territory, donors near and far help Red Panda Network (RPN) carry out its mission to save red pandas and their habitat every day. One such donor has taken a creative approach to red panda […]

  • Win a Panda Trek in Nepal!

    Want to win an all expenses paid trip to Nepal? Mozilla is giving you the opportunity to do just that as part of their ongoing Firefox Live campaign. Submit a 1 minute video or less featuring a place you would like to protect for a chance for you and a

  • Tulsi is learning how to use blog

    Hi, I am learning to blogging. I got a message from field, the weather is improving gradually there. So I am planning to move as soon as possible for a red panda survey in Taplejung. Line transect survey, vegetation survey and camera trapping will be done. I hope to see

  • Beau King – my red panda hero

    We got this awesome email from Rodney King. Yes, that is his real name. When I saw his email I thought it was a fake email, but after opening and reading it I was not only surprised, but inspired by his son, Beau’s, beautiful face. Beau goes to a weekly

  • International Red Panda Day in New Jersey

    A big thanks to Leeza Hernandez, children’s book author and illustrator, who helped spread the word about red pandas by reading from her upcoming book and coloring red panda with children at Westminster School in New Jersey.

  • 2010 Letter from the Director

    Dear Friends of Red Panda Network, We have sincere gratitude for your support of our mission. Over the first half of this year we have been working hard to fulfill it. Over the last six months, we have added three new team members and three new board members. Each one

  • Red Panda Skins found for sale in Nepal

    Man with 3 red panda skins caught in Kathmandu

  • New Red Panda Network Website

    Dear Red Panda Network friends, We would like to thank each of you and your organizations for your generous support of Red Panda Network. We are extremely grateful for you because without you, we would not be able to make the impact that we do. Due in large part to

  • Red Panda Network To Become Independent

    Martha Davis, President of Earth Island Institute, and Brian H. Williams, Founder of the Red Panda Network, today announced that Red Panda Network will become independent of Earth island Institute effective September 1, 2010, after 5 years as a project of the parent organization. “Earth Island Institute is an innovative

  • Exclusive: Traces of Red Panda Found in Tennessee

    (by AOL News) It has the face of a giant panda bear and the body of a small raccoon. This unusual, cuddly-looking animal is the red panda, and until recently, was only believed to be native to the mountains of Nepal, Burma and China. Now, according to recent fossil findings,