• Red Pandas and Climate Change

    While poor land management practices, poaching and disease remain current threats to red pandas, a further rise in global temperatures could make them and other plants and animals that share their range even more vulnerable, researchers say. Recent studies suggest that global warming could cause bamboo species in lower altitudes in China to move to […]

  • Monitoring Red Pandas Got A Lil’ Easier!

    Collecting data on the elusive red panda usually has been an arduous task. The terrain where the pandas live in the mountains of Nepal is rough, often unreachable by vehicle. Once field biologists collected the data, they faced other obstacles in getting the information from the field to the central office. The entire process frequently took […]

  • Going Door-to-Door for Red Pandas

    When it comes to wildlife conservation, even the youngest of volunteers can make an impact. Take the example of Sydney Wheeler (age 9) and Lilly Lachmuth (age 8), who recently went door-to-door through their Doylestown, Pennsylvania neighborhood collecting donations in support of red pandas. Sydney’s father, Jeff, relays the story: “Sydney has always loved red […]

  • The Changing Role of Women in Red Panda Conservation

    Out of the Red Panda Network (RPN)’s 72 Forest Guardians in Nepal, Menuka Bhhatari is one of four women. Despite the fact that women tend to be the predominant forest users in Nepal, getting involved in conservation efforts isn’t always easy for them. ​Bhhatari has been threatened by poachers who try and convince her that […]

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