• RPN New Member Spotlight: Pema Sherpa

    We’re pleased to welcome Pema Sherpa as the newest member of the RPN conservation team. As Conservation Coordinator, Pema will assist in implementing RPN’s activities in eastern Nepal by coordinating between RPN and its field partners. Some of her responsibilities include designing and establishing monitoring programs for red pandas and their habitat; collecting baseline data […]

  • International Red Panda Day 2016

    With the right attitude, any day can be a celebration. November 23 is National Eat a Cranberry Day in the United States, April 12 is Yuri’s Night, commemorating the first time a human being went to space; and you can join the good people of Madagascar in celebrating their independence on June 26. For every […]

  • Eco Zoo Trips: Q & A with Trip Host Sarah Jones

    A veteran zookeeper at Hamilton Zoo in New Zealand, Sarah Jones has been actively involved with the Red Panda Network for more than 10 years. Initially serving as a field research assistant for the organization, Sarah now plays an important role in hosting RPN’s Eco Zoo Trips, a unique field expedition specifically geared toward wildlife professionals. […]

  • The Role of Zoos in Red Panda Conservation

    Not only do they provide an opportunity to connect with red pandas — inspiring people to take action — but zoos also directly support conservation. At first glance, zoos might seem to exist purely for human entertainment, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Zoos play a key role in aiding and encouraging conservation […]

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