• An Alliance to Stop Red Panda Poaching

    In the ongoing battle to save red pandas and their habitat, Red Panda Network (RPN) has added yet another weapon: an anti-poaching alliance. According to a 2014 RPN study, poaching and illegal trade are growing threats to red pandas. Their geographic location makes them vulnerable as it borders several known animal-trafficking routes. The anti-poaching network, […]

  • First National Survey of Red Pandas in Nepal

    Red Panda Network is excited to announce the completion of a national red panda survey in Nepal. The existing status of red pandas, Ailurus fulgens, is not well-known at this time. Studies in the past did not provide essential baseline data on the red pandas’ distribution, the number of red pandas in each area, habitat […]

  • Red Panda Network Forest Guardians: Key to the Future of Red Pandas

    Red Panda Network (RPN) follows best practices in wildlife conservation, which finds that the local people living among the wildlife hold the key to a sustainable future for these animals. That is why Red Panda Network is invested in creating a sustainable future for its 54 Forest Guardians and the forest communities living near red […]

  • Celebrate Earth Day – Red Panda Style!

    First observed on April 22, 1970, Earth Day has always been a day for celebrating the natural wonders of our planet. But it has also been a day for action. With so much threatening the longevity of many of our beloved species and places, we must actively push back and fight for their preservation.   What better […]

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