• Conservation Firsthand: A Look at Ecotrips with the Red Panda Network

    What better way to experience conservation in action than to travel to the Himalayas on an ecotrip with the Red Panda Network? These excursions provide participants the chance to not only witness red panda conservation, but also to explore Nepalese culture first-hand. This month, we caught up with two former ecotrippers to ask them about […]

  • I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas…And A Red Panda!

    When you see red pandas in zoos like Adelaide, Johannesburg, and Houston, it’s easy to forget that these animals are native to the extreme elevations of the Himalayas, where temperatures can drop well below freezing. Red pandas have several adaptations for life in the cold and are great at keeping themselves nice and cozy in […]

  • Let’s Get the Red Panda Holiday Party Started!

    The red panda was recently moved from Vulnerable to Endangered on the IUCN Red List. The clock is ticking for red pandas. But there are 31 days in December and so many ways you can help Red Panda Network save red pandas this holiday season! Here are three ways you can help starting right now! 1) Today is Cyber Monday, the busiest day […]

  • Red Pandas Gain New Student Supporter!

    Red pandas gained new support this week when eight-year-old Flynn, a 3rd grader from Redlands, California, completed his research project & diorama on the endangered species. Flynn’s assignment was to research and present the challenges of an endangered animal, and then create a diorama depicting the animal in its natural habitat. “I just knew that […]

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