• Help the People Who Help Red Pandas

    RPN is on a mission to improve the health and livelihoods of local families while protecting the home of this endangered species. On the surface, buying household appliances and donating to red panda conservation have nothing to do with one another. But as a Red Panda Network (RPN) Panda Guardian, your monthly donation to our […]

  • 12 Ways Red Pandas Are Unique (and Cute!)

    With International Red Panda Day 2020 only weeks away, it’s time to appreciate what we love about this unique species! 1. Red pandas are the only living creatures in their family — Ailuridae. Their name might lead you to think that the red panda’s closest relative is the giant panda, but studies show that they […]

  • RPN Urges China to Upgrade Red Panda Conservation Status

    First revision of protected species list in 30 years provides unique opportunity. On Monday, a red panda was photographed eating cherries at Wawushan Nature Reserve in Meishan City of southwest China’s Sichuan Province. The visit was brief but delightful for the fortunate reserve staff who witnessed the animal eat and then retreat back into the […]

  • Human Lives Transformed Through Red Panda Conservation

    They ​are the heart of our community-based initiatives in Nepal. This is the tale of three Forest Guardians. It starts with Bimala Moktan. Bimala was 24 when she joined Red Panda Network’s (RPN) national Forest Guardian (FG) team. Her uncle, Deu Prakash Tamang, had been an FG since 2006 and was among the first selected by […]

  • Thanks To You, We’re Helping Red Pandas and Communities Thrive

    The first panda is threatened with extinction. Thankfully, people all over the world are stepping up to save them. Red Panda Network (RPN) is a member-based organization. Our impact is a reflection of your support and generosity. Thanks to you, 2018 & 2019 have been years of tremendous progress for

  • A New Life for Herders and Red Pandas in the Himalayas

    RPN works with herders of Nepal to find harmony between their livelihood needs and forest preservation. The life of a high-mountain herder in Nepal is a difficult one. The threat of weather is constant, temperatures can fluctuate rapidly, and a person can be separated from their family for long durations.

  • Stichting Wildlife Stands Up For Red Pandas

    With a mission to protect endangered plant and animal species around the world, the Stichting Wildlife Foundation has provided conservation funding and education for more than 30 years from its home base in the Netherlands. Formed in 1985 to prevent the closure of the Safaripark Beekse Bergen, the foundation has

  • International Red Panda Day 2019

    On International Red Panda Day’s 10-year anniversary, record numbers of participants raise funds and awareness for red pandas worldwide. September 21st is the 10-year anniversary of International Red Panda Day (IRPD) and we couldn’t have reached this major milestone without your support! Thank you for making this day of red

  • A Plan of Action to Conserve Bhutan’s Red Panda

    First in Nepal, and most recently Bhutan, governments are committing to red panda conservation in range countries. On July 31, 2019, people and charities all over the world celebrated World Ranger Day. This day honors the critical work of rangers to protect our planet’s wildlife and natural resources. For many

  • BNF Buys Locally; Saves Red Pandas Globally

    Limited-edition kombucha flavor by Eugene-based company, BNF, aids wild red pandas in Nepal.  Supporting local communities and helping them thrive is what the Eugene-based kombucha company BNF (a Billion New Friends) Kombucha & Jun is all about. So when Red Panda Network—an internationally-recognized nonprofit that’s saving red pandas through community-based

  • Reaching the People Who Live Among Red Pandas

    RPN raises awareness on the frontlines of red panda conservation with the Holtzmann Wildlife Foundation. On a global scale, red panda awareness is steadily growing. Videos on social media of adorable zoo-born cubs are going viral and people are doing their part to share conservation messages of this species.  But

  • Nobody Ever Said, “Saving Red Pandas is Easy”

    The terrain is steep and difficult, the weather is unpredictable, the journey: treacherous at times. But Forest Guardian Bimala Moktan is up to the challenge of protecting endangered red pandas. Bimala Moktan was 24 when she joined RPN’s Forest Guardian (FG) team. Her uncle, Deu Prakash Tamang, had been an

  • I Can’t Imagine A World Without Red Pandas

    Since April of this year, nearly 70 people have joined our Panda Guardian team—kicking off 2019 as a pivotal year for guarding red pandas from extinction.  ​In 2006, Red Panda Network (RPN) initiated the Red Panda Project or Project Punde Kundo (red panda is locally known as Punde Kundo) in