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  • Construction has begun on Nepal’s first center committed to alleviating poverty and ensuring a sustainable future for people and red pandas. On May 24th, Ghanendra Maden, District Coordination Committee Chairperson for Taplejung district and Bam Bahadur Bhattarai, Vice-Chairperson of Phungling Municipality—the location of the project site—laid the foundation stone for the. Center for Conservation and […]

  • Happy Hollow Zoo opens red panda exhibit and commits to the preservation of this endangered species. Many people say that a house isn’t a home without a dog (cat, hedgehog, anole, enter favored animal companion here). You could say something similar about a zoo—yes, technically you can have an excellent zoo without any red pandas […]

  • A group of eight ecotrippers arrived in Nepal to see red pandas in their native habitat. They saw eight during the most successful ecotrip in RPN history. It was late November when participants of Red Panda Network (RPN)’s 2018 Eco Zoo Trip arrived in the Himalayan hills of Eastern Nepal. The group—led by Sarah Jones […]

  • On Thursday, April 18th, Krishna Basnet, and Nar Bahadur Basnet walked into the woods on their first day as Forest Guardians (FGs). Within their quiet footsteps was a well-deserved celebration: after many years and much hard work RPN’s Forest Guardian program had grown to 100 members strong! This journey began in 2006 when the Red […]

  • Locals from a rural village in Ilam rescued a red panda that was being chased by stray dogs. The red panda was later released back into its habitat. RPN Forest Guardian led the effort. Maijogmai Rural Municipality-3 is located in the Himalayan foothills of Eastern Nepal. It is one of six rural municipalities located in Ilam District. […]

  • Red Panda Network (RPN) is well into its second year of expanding programs into Western Nepal and the local response has been encouraging as people begin to see the livelihood benefits of conservation. ​The mountain forests of Western Nepal are particularly important as they constitute more than half of the habitat available to red pandas […]

  • Some at-risk species suffer from a lack of public attention and awareness. In the case of the red panda, too much misguided attention may be doing them harm by encouraging the black market trade of red panda pets. Patrick aka Herjolf / Flickr Recently, reports have surfaced of wild red pandas in cages, presumably captured […]

  • Last week, a police team from Western Rukum Police Administration arrested Bikash BK, a twenty-one-year-old from Banfikot municipality. Three red panda hides were confiscated from BK. According to Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sumit Khadka, a few days before the seizure, the police received information about some people trying to smuggle drugs and tiger skins from […]

  • He was there in the beginning and he is there now to see the forests protected, communities involved and more wild red pandas than ever before. At the young age of 13, Phinju Sherpa had to make a difficult choice; stay at home on his traditional family farm, or pursue a semi-nomadic herding life raising […]