Sustainable Livelihoods

Poverty makes life very difficult for the rural communities in red panda range. The people here are not able to make wildlife conservation a priority when they are struggling to feed and warm themselves. Our community-based programs provide sustainable livelihoods while fostering environmental stewardship.

These include improved cookstoves, organic farming, sustainable herding, microenterprises and nature guide training. Forest Guardians are the heart of our mission. They work within their own communities to create a Community Forest Network, which empowers local people to protect their forests.

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Support sustainable livelihoods by joining our Panda Guardians!

Why Are Forest Guardians Important?

Forest Guardians (FGs) are local people who are paid to monitor and protect red panda habitat, as well as educate communities. The payment they receive supports their families and their experience as an FG helps them build capacity for sustainable income and environmental stewardship.

111 Forest Guardians

76 work in the PIT Red Panda Protected Forest in Eastern Nepal.
35 work in our new project area in Western Nepal. 

Interested in supporting our Forest Guardian program? Here are two ways:
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Learn More About the Work of a Forest Guardian

The Firefox Guardian - A film by Gunjan Menon.
This is the story of Menuka Bhattarai, an unconventional wildlife warrior, who against all odds is following her heart to save the last of the red pandas.

If your zoo, or company/institution would like to sponsor a Forest Guardian please email:

Thank you to Our Forest Guardian Organizational Sponsors!


Shanti Malla
Sponsored for 1 year at the $2,500 level by Leipzig Zoo, Leipzig, Germany.
October 28, 2019


Menuka Bhattarai
Sponsored for 1 year at the $2,500 level by Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.
June 11, 2019


Karuna Rai
Sponsored for 1 year at the $2,500 level by Kolmården Wildlife Park, Kolmården, Sweden
November 26, 2019


Chandrabir Rai
Sponsored for 1 year at the $2,300 level by Tiergarten Nürnberg, Germany.
March 16, 2020

Providing training, salary, clothing, and gear for Forest Guardians adds up.
Your sponsorship helps to protect red pandas and support a family at the same time.
Your support provides:
$2,500: Field gear and clothing, salary, training and all activities for one year.
$1,000: Salary and training.
$500: Salary and field gear.
$50-$250: Field gear and clothing.

Here's A Forest Guardian Who Can Use Your Support!

Forest Guardian

Ngima Dawa Sherpa


Individual Sponsorship

Give monthly; provide direct support to our Forest Guardian team with a monthly subscription.

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Your monthly gift will make a difference for red pandas and their Himalayan habitat.


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