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Volume 3, Issue 1

  August 2010


Letter from the Director

Brian profile picDear Friends of Red Panda Network,
We have sincere gratitude for your support of our mission.  Over the first half of this year we have been working hard to fulfill it. Over the last six months, we have added three new team members and three new board members. Each one of these members has done amazing work and I am honored by their dedication to empowering local villagers and saving red panda and their habitat. Foremost, I am honored by the dedication of our Nepal team. In just six short months, our Nepalese team has conducted research in a remote section of far northeastern Nepal, next to Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world, trained 13 new forest guardians, and led three ecotrips of visitors from Hong Kong and the United States. In the US, our dedicated team has done an amazing job supporting the Nepal team, creating our first international awareness campaign, International Red Panda Day, as well as managing our transition away from Earth Island Institute to be a stand-alone organization.
On the ground in Nepal, we focus on achieving several goals at once, conservation of red panda through community-based monitoring and poverty alleviation by providing some of the poorest people in Nepal with an alternative income source. Our goal is to create sustainable income sources for villagers.  We plan to do this by conducting a carbon forestry project called Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation or REDD for short. We believe that carbon finance is a way to fund long-term solutions to deforestation.

Time is essential for us to make this happen.  An energy bill supporting REDD projects just passed the Senate and the compliance market is being created in the US. A generous donor has given us a $20,000 match toward starting our REDD project. If we do not raise the entire sum by the end of September, we will get nothing.  To date, we have raised 55% of the match.  Please help us by going online and donating today or if you are not interested in donating online, please send a check to:
Red Panda Network
[update 2012: new address]
1859 Powell St, Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94133
Thank you again for your kind support and please consider sharing this with your family and friends,
Norm with field team
Brian Williams,
Chief Executive Officer, Red Panda Network


Namaste and greetings from Nepal

Bhagwan photoI am really pleased to be a part of the Red Panda Network (RPN) team and to fulfill the organization's commitment of conservation of wild red pandas and their habitat through the education and empowerment of local communities. My three years of experience with camera traps with the National Trust for Nature Conservation, and the same amount of experience for the Darwin Initiative's community-based participatory monitoring project, gave me substantial knowledge and experience both on species research and community-driven project implementation. I am very much glad to utilize my 10 years of expertise in the field of community-based red panda conservation with RPN.
During the last six-months, the Nepal team has completed a baseline survey of red panda and its habitat, established a network with local conservation partners, identified and trained 13 forest guardians, conducted an awareness campaign through meetings with local people, eco-treks, posters as well as in print and electronic media. 
In November 2009, we started community-based red panda conservation work in the eastern Himalayan district of Taplejung, in the Kanchenjunga region, as a continuation of our objective to build the world's first community-managed red panda protected area. Though the region harbors a potentially significant breeding population of red panda, there is very little information about the population due to the regions very difficult terrain. The region is bordered by the broadleaf conifer forests of the Indian state of Sikkim and China to the east and north, which creates a suitable biological corridor for red pandas. This landscape connectivity prevents inbreeding and also precludes a huge loss of species in the region from unexpected disasters, as it allows for wider escape routes from affected areas. So, the Kanchenjunga region is, ecologically, a most significant habitat for red panda. 
Because of the conservation value of red pandas and their habitat in the Eastern Himalayan region, RPN is conducting a community-based red panda conservation project in collaboration with The Mountain Institute (TMI) and local conservation partners, Himali Conservation Forum and Shree Deep Jyoti Youth. These organizations have been working toward regional conservation for the past nine years.
At present, we completed a baseline survey of the red panda population in six community forests of the Taplejung district. The research team made direct sightings of red panda in the study area and was able to catch a red panda in a camera trap, a first for the region. We, also, have developed a community-based red panda monitoring mechanism.  We understand that local people are the main drivers of conservation, and through their participation we will build ownership of local resources. To ensure local people actively participate in red panda conservation efforts, we trained 13 forest users as forest rangers/guardians that are responsible for monitoring red panda monthly. During the six-month period of our intervention, we completed baseline survey of red panda and its habitat, established network within local conservation partners and CBOs, identified 12 forest guardians from their respective community forests for the monitoring of the red panda based on our baseline survey. Additionally, we conducted an awareness campaign through meetings with local people, eco-treks, posters, news/talks from print and electronic media. 
The RPN team has been well recognized for its red panda conservation efforts in Nepal. I am very happy to share this information with all of you and I hope we will have more exciting news in coming years from the region, as we are dedicated to developing the world's first community-based red panda protected area in the eastern Himalayan region.
Bhagwan Signature
Bhagwan Raj Dahal
Participatory Monitoring Manager, Red Panda Network
Kathmandu, Nepal


In This Issue

International Red Panda Day

News from the Field

Welcome New Staff and Board Members

In the News

Name our Newest Red Panda

Friends of Red Panda

Red Panda Rangers


International Red Panda Day

Goerlitz red panda duoRed Panda Network is pleased to present its inaugural worldwide awareness campaign, International Red Panda Day. Help us celebrate the uniqueness of red panda by visiting one of the participating zoos worldwide on Saturday November 13, 2010 or by having a red panda party at your home or school. Contact us at info@redpandanetwork.org to find out how you can participate. Our vision for the day is that you will experience educational and fun hands-on activities about red panda and red panda habitat. The event will be broadcast live online.
Contributions received from International Red Panda Day will support awareness campaigns in Nepal and China, where two red pandas were recently observed for sale at a pet store and restaurant. Please check our website for more details as they become available.


News from the Field


First Visit by a Board Member

Norman Schwab has generously shared his journal entries and photos from his recent trip to Nepal. Norm is the first Board member to visit the field.

Day 1 (Day 3 if you count travel)
StreetI am delighted to be in a new country although I miss my family dearly. I suspect that reflecting on my own mortality due to flying the unfamiliar Gulf Air has contributed greatly to that feeling. I arrive in the evening. It is Wednesday eve. Brian W picks me up in the airport. We go to the hotel to get situated and then go out for dinner followed by beers at the old Peace Corps headquarters. Everything seems very foreign especially after the electricity goes out at 7pm.
I finally get a good night's sleep in a proper bed.

Day 2
The impending Maoist strike forces us to change my plans and travel east so that I can make it there and back before the country shuts down. If I thought flying Gulf Air was scary, Buddha Air frightens me even more. I'm not usually a very scared person, I just couldn't get the thought out of my mind that if I died in a plane crash my 3 year old daughter would have no memory of me. (I know this because my 21 year old sister has no memory of our dad who died in a car crash when she was 3).
Incidentally I'm flying right now but US airlines are very safe. No worries.
I meet Bhagwan at the airport and after a short delay off we go.
We land safely in somethingpur and then the trip begins. 3 hour taxi ride to Ilam and another 3 hour (extremely bumpy) jeep ride up to the mountain village where we'll be staying the night.  I enjoy the trip very much but am particularly impressed with the mandate era Range Rovers we use for transport. They are very capable despite their age (I've done some Jeeping myself) and some are beautifully kept, seemingly belonging in an automobile museum.
By the time we reach the village it is getting dark. Our hosts cook up a wonderful dinner which we all enjoy. The next morning I gather that they killed a chicken in our honor by the scattered feathers and fresh blood. I feel bad.

Day 3
We get up particularly early so that we can jeep to the peak and have a shot at seeing the high Himal before the clouds roll in. As we jeep up there are sections where I must get out and walk ahead of the jeep since we are passing though Indian territory and I have no visa for India.
We see some wonderful views along the way but when we reach the peak it is all clouded over. Oh well, so much for Everest.
We have some rhododendron wine up top and we hike over to a small yak farm. We must be at elevation of close to 10000 ft.
On the way down we stop for lunch and rhododendron wine and continue down by foot. It's about 5 hrs to the village down some very steep slopes. I start getting a feel for the mountains and the forests. I'm finally feeling like myself again.
When we arrive at the village we hear that someone spotted a red panda. We go looking for it for an hour or two. We find fresh scat but no RP. We continue hiking. I like going off of the main path/ road because it looks like a construction site. There aren't any good paths down. I'd like to build one. It is Friday afternoon. We decide to go down to Ilam and sleep there to maximize our chances of catching our flight Saturday morning. We stay at a small motel in Ilam. There are many mosquitoes in the room and they can't get out because the windows are screened. I stay up reading and killing mosquitoes till 2am. I killed many but not all, I get very little sleep.
Day 4
TempleWe take the 3 hour taxi ride back to the airport. It costs about $40. Although the strike has begun the airline is still flying. Yay. Back in Kathmandu we try to plan out the next few days not knowing if our meeting will be canceled. We decide to hike up to Nagarpur peak since we can walk to the park. We end up taking a bike rickshaw part of the way. I'm very uncomfortable having someone pull us along as we sit comfortably. Against his objection I get out and walk when the rickshaw driver pulls the bike up some of the steeper hills. We walk another hour or so and find ourselves climbing up an endless set of steps. Parts of the park are terribly littered. Bhagwan and I think of ideas for getting the littered cleaned up.
The peak has a nice view of Kathmandu from a semi abandoned Hindu temple. Abandoned by humans and somewhat depressing (I find most ritualistic venues depressing) but frequented by monkeys who insist that you give them your food.
We hike back down and find the Maoist preparing hundreds of torches for their rally.
That night I discover that the Radisson next door had a small casino downstairs. I like to gamble with foreign currency. 30 rupees feels like a much bigger bet than 45 cents.

Day 5
StepsThe strike is not over so we must walk everywhere. We decide to walk to the nearest national park, Shivapoori NP. The entrance is 17 km away. We start at 6am. It only takes 3 hrs. Once we get in we have 12 km to the top. Many stairs. It gets really beautiful after a couple of hours once we are deep in the forest. I am thoroughly enjoying myself amongst the ancient (500+ year old) oaks. We meet five 15 year old boys who are studying to be Hindu priests. At least they'll get to marry and have families.
We walk steadily all the way back trying to make it before dark (7:30pm). We get back at 9.

Day 6
It is becoming clear that if we are gonna get anywhere in this country we are not going to do it using fossil fuels. We find some real nice bikes some guy's renting out from a locked storage room. We secure them for the next day. They're 1000 rupees each (Not terrible). We see the temples back near the airport walking there and back and a visit to TMI office 20 km seems inconsequential.

Day 7
Bhagwan BikingWe bike to the farther peak which is about 37 km away. After 24 km we walk most of the rest of the way (I don't know how Lance Armstrong does it). Riding down is wicked. 14 km in less than a half hour isn't accomplished by using your breaks very much.
I think Shivapoori was nicer but it's fun biking. There's an army base up top, a tiny temple and a huge antenna (which they wouldn't let me climb).

Day 8
I don't know how much more walking I can do. It looks like our main meeting (which included quasi-governmental entities) was not going to materialize. It's disappointing but we have a mock meeting with those who were willing to get there by foot (Brian P. and the interns).
It is actually very productive because I get a more in depth review of the issues and players.
I also have a very pleasant meeting with a scientist that Bhagwan (and Brian W) know who is a forerunner in conservation in Nepal. (Like my aunt Ruth was to California in the 60s).
Group photoI need to get to the airport. It's a 2 hour walk. We take a route that takes us to the great Buddhist temple. Pretty interesting. Still mostly mindless.
It rains for the last hour of our walk. Bhagwan tells me what it's like when the rains really come.
I get to the airport early. Very much unlike me.
I hope to be back.

Red Panda Survey in Eastern Nepal
The Eastern Himalayas of Nepal contain globally significant biodiversity and are prioritized for global conservation action. We have conducted a six-month long baseline survey of the red panda population in the Taplejung district of North-Eastern Nepal to establish areas for long term monitoring. The Taplejung district is a trans-boundary district in far-eastern Nepal that borders China and India and includes the third highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga.
Red Panda SightingOur baseline survey focused on the community forests of Kalikhola, Surumkhim and Yamphudin villages. The survey was conducted in six community forests (Chawakhola community forest and Gauthale Community forest of Kalikhola Kalipokhari community forest of Surumkhim and Deurali community forest, Timbung Pokhari community forest and Kanchenjunga community forest of Yamphudin) covering an approximate area of 9000 hectares. We surveyed 1300 hectares or 14% of the study area.
Red Panda Camera TrapWe saw red panda only once during the six months of surveying in the Kalipokhari community forest of Surumkhim at around 2652 meters (8,698 feet). We found indirect evidence of the red panda through scat, scratch-marks, and foraging sites in 11 study blocks. We also observed cub scat indicating that there is evidence of a breeding population present in the study area The presence of adults' as well as cubs scats in the plot shows the healthy population of red panda in this range. Camera traps were set up in different locations for the verification of red panda signs in the area.  In the camera traps we have able to capture red panda image at Chawakhola CF of Kalikhola VDC (N 2719' 25.8'', E 08757' 57.4'') in elevation of 2551 m.


Welcome New Staff and Board Members

We are excited and honored to have two new staff members as part of our RPN-Asia field team and three new members on our Board of Directors. These new team members embody our values of creativity, ingenuity and empowerment. They are integral to our goal of being the best at community-based monitoring.  Please join us in welcoming them to Red Panda Network.
Bhagawan Dahal, Participatory Monitoring Manager
Mr. Dahal has a Master's degree in Tropical Ecology from the University of Bremen in Germany and seven years of experience conducting wildlife conservation research projects. For the last three years he has worked with
Bird Conservation Nepal, for which he managed a Darwin Initiative community-based biodiversity conservation wetlands project. Prior to his work with Bird Conservation Nepal he conducted a three year camera trapping study of tiger corridors in lowland Nepal for the Nepal Trust for Nature Conservation (formerly the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation).

Tulsi ram Subedi, Field Assistant

Mr. Subedi has a Master's degree in Ecology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and he has two years experience as a field ecologist for Bird Conservation Nepal. He is a Rufford small grantee and he conducted study on the red panda population in the Dhorpatan hunting reserve located in central Nepal (www.ruffordsmallgrants.org/rsg/projects/tulsi_ram_subedi).

Jon Forrester, Board Member

Jon joins us with over 8 years of leadership experience in the energy industry. He currently works in a business development role in energy efficiency for Equilibrium Resource Management. Previously, he worked on the buy-side of renewable energy procurement at PG&E where he negotiated and closed large and complex renewable transactions. In the past, he managed strategy and policy projects for solar, wind, carbon capture and storage, and other clean technologies. He has an MBA from the University of Michigan where he was a Weyerhaeuser fellow.

Norman Schwab, Board Treasurer
Norm is a graduate in Finance from Yeshiva University. His background includes working in structure finance at Merrill Lynch and trading technology stocks at Schonfeld Securities. He is currently a real estate investor. He is passionate about the world's forests and preserving them for years to come.


Aravinda Seshadri, Board Secretary

Aravinda Seshadri is a corporate associate at Orrick's Silicon Valley office and is a member of the Emerging Company Group. Her practice focuses on the representation of clean technology, renewable energy and mobile media companies, as well as private venture financings, mergers & acquisitions, public offerings and public company work. She is a graduate of Stanford Law School and New York University.


In the News


Red Panda Network has been featured in one magazine this year:

Earth Island Journal Spring 2010
Learn what the future holds for Red Panda Network. Read the full version available only on our website
here. Below is a preview of the article.

Red Panda Network: Expanding and Reaching Out

Hear the word
panda and images of the large black and white animal are immediately conjured up. Giant pandas have become a worldwide symbol for animal conservation. It is not surprising that the plight of red panda, appropriately dubbed the lesser known panda, is largely unknown to the public without its fair share of the media spotlight.


Name our Newest Red Panda

In February and March of this year Ocean Park Hong Kong Conservation Fund, a major donor of Red Panda Network, sent 4 of its members on eco-tours of our field sites. Shadow and Lianne visited the Taplejung district while Mabel and Jaco toured the Ilam district. It was Mabel that captured this sighting of our new red panda that needs a name.
Thanks to all who voted via email, Facebook and Twitter. Your votes determined the last finalist that will be considered as a name for our newest red panda for adoption. Our Nepal field team came up with the other two finalists.

The finalists are:

Kanchan-Represents the Kanchanjunga Mountain where this red panda lives

Himal-English translation of Mountain in Nepalese

Tenzing-Tenzing Norgay, with his friend Sir Edmund Hillary, became the first climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1953. Tenzing Norgay roughly translates to "wealthy-fortunate-follower-of-religion"

The top vote getter will join Niyati, Sanju, Bhim, Sita and Pinju. Let the voting begin! You can vote by replying to this email or on our
Facebook and Twitter pages. The winner will be revealed on our website in one month.


Friends of Red Panda

In this new section of our newsletter, we will feature two red panda supporters who in their own words describe why they love red pandas and support our work. If you enjoy reading about supporters just like yourself, please send in your own entry to be considered for the next issue of Red Panda Times.

Photo by Chuckles Borromeo - It's Your WorldMarjorie Fulbright

I never heard of a Red Panda until I went to the San Diego Zoo with my son, Chip, who was 12 at the time. Everyone else wanted to see the black and white pandas and he said we should skip them and go see the Red Pandas as they are much cuter. I still have no idea how he knew about Red Pandas as he never would say, but he was right! A year later he decided to help red pandas for his Bar Mitzvah project and we found The Red Panda Network online. Brian was really kind to meet with Chip and me and educate us about red pandas and describe what your organization is doing to help them. Chip sold baked goods to raise money for the red pandas and we have loved those elusive critters ever since! I am as elusive as a red panda when it comes to photos so please use a photo of a red panda instead! If anyone in SF wants to buy cakes, brownies or cookies, Chip would be happy to bake for you and donate the money to the Red Pandas!

Meredith Houser photoMeredith Houser

What's not to love about red pandas? My name is Meredith, and I saw my first red panda at the Philadelphia Zoo about 15 years ago. He was scampering down a log, and I fell in love instantly. Maybe it was his fluffy tail or those cute cat-like ears, but I knew I wanted to learn all I could about this adorable animal. Since then, I have dragged my husband to many zoos, and I love how you can see all the red pandas have their own unique personalities if you stick around to watch them for awhile. Be careful though, or you may get labeled "The Crazy Red Panda Lady" as I am affectionately called by my husband! I've even started the baby out right--he can't wait to be a Red Panda Ranger!


Activism: Red Panda Rangers

Ranger Seal
Congratulations to our newest Red Panda Rangers! These students have completed all five levels of tasks to fully educate themselves and others about red pandas certifying them as official Rangers. We would like to thank them for their enthusiasm as important members of the Red Panda Network! To find out how to become a Red Panda Ranger click here.

Helena Aarts

Xander Laser

Nicole Aarts

Meg McMurphy

Catie Arean

Mauricio Orellana

Betsy Becker

Maxwell Price

James Campbell

Robyn Price

Alysia Canlas

Kaya Roland

Raymond Carillo

Skylar Ruddell

Morgan Evans

Shannon Sabol

Dewitt Fortenberry

Geneva Schlepp

Ryan Hagan

Ethan Shahine

Devon Holland

Aidan Shinfeld

Kylie Holland

Bianca Shkolinikov

Piper Holland

Kathy Snell

Julian Johnson

Alla Tung

Alex Korbich

Lauren Turriani

William Kowalewski

Grace Ulmer

Michael Krayvesky

Michael Wilson

Richard LaRouech

Miranda Zaymor


Red Panda Network educates and empowers local communities to serve as active partners in the conservation of wild red pandas and their habitat.

To find out more about how you can help, please follow the links below.





[update 2012: new address]
1859 Powell St, Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94133
877-584-6056 (p)
866-584-6510 (f)

Find us on Facebook
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It may be simple enough. We print the names of individuals and organizations who have donated to the dream of red panda conservation. And there it is - a long list of names.

At Red Panda Network, we feel strongly about this list. As such, we'd like to briefly explain what this list means to us. Each name mentioned below has invested in hope. They have been selfless and kind with their earnings so that a remote ecosystem, one which many will never see in person, has a chance to make it through this era of unsustainable human development. Please take a minute to read through the names to help us acknowledge each entry.

The following names are of those who have donated to the mission of Red Panda Network from December 2008 to August 2010:

Nicole & Helena Aarts
Andrea Abbott
Laura Anderson
Lily Anderson
Mai Britt Andreasen 
Laura Andrews
Sara Angusti
Appelgate Family
Emma Aragon
Catie & Nicholas Arena
Michelle Arena
William Armstrong
Kate Armstrong
Chadrick Arnold
Christopher Ashbridge
Julia Ashbridge
Darrell Ashworth
Andree Aubin
Alma Barner
Connie Barnes
Helen Barton
Meghan Bash 
Raechel Bayma
Alyssa Becerra
Jose Bento da Silva 
Geraldine Berridge 
Alex Bezjian
Brian Bick 
Everett Billings
Federico Bixio
Jeffrey Boatright
Serena Bolliger
Victoria Bolton
Mike Bonner 
Erik Boudreau
R. Bourget
Ann Bowles
Rebecca Brailsford
Noelle Branch
Kristine Brendel 
Felicity Brown 
Graham Brown
Kevin Brown 
Catherine Browne
Sean Browne
Tara Brownlee
Eva Bruned 
Alexander Buchwald 
Wibeke Buchwald 
Brieana Bunn 
Mark Burstein
Philip & Harna Burton
Heath Butcher 
Isabelle Cabrera-Aragon
Alysia Canlas
John Carey
Karissa Lee Carleton
Katrina Carleton
Chelsea Carson
Alexandra Cash
Brett Chamberlain
Debbie Chapman
Elizabeth Chee
Joe Cheung
Paul Chronias
Karina Ibett Cifuentes 
Brooks Clark
William Cleaves 
John Clegg
Shelby Clegg
John Clegg, Jr.
Amanda Cloman
Gavin Cole
Ron & Jean Cole
Brett Coleman
Donna-Jean Collins
Morgan Collins
Morgan Condell
Laura Connolly 
Katharine Cook
Paula Corapi
Marc Cormier
Matthew Cowan
Jeanine Cox 
Allison Crane
Annette Crane
Curtis Crispin 
Mary-Ellen Crowley
Sierra Crowley
Amy Currie
Alice Cutler
Anna Cutler
Laura Cutler
Sheldon Dahl
Kathryn Davis
Tommy Davis
Ella de Bruijn
Lauren de Bruijn
Vincent & Eline De Munck
Beatrice Delansay
Dana DeLuca
Kidest-Mimi Demesse
John Denerley
Pauline Desrosiers
Dorothy DeVincke
John Dinwoodie
Olivia Dinwoodie
Kerry Dolan 
Ana Dominguez 
Brandy Dornon
Isabelle Draper
Claire DuBois
Susanna DuBois
John Duffy 
Martine & Simone Duffy 
Melissa Dulgeroff
Miranda Dunbar
Mary Jo Dvorak
Adrienne Edlin 
Marla Endicott 
Deborah Enos
Maddi Escher 
Sandra Escher 
Vaughan Evans
Sergio Falzone
Nancy Fasano
Judith Fenerty
Anthony Ferrara 
Dawn Ferrara 
Aleks James Findlay
Steven Findlay
Cristi Flood 
Jakob Fluck 
Stephanie Foerder
Diana Fonner 
Casey Fox 
Cindy Fox
Steven Franklin
Abigail Freeman
Lauren Freeman
Tina Gardner
Adam Garside
Abi  Garside
Elizabeth Gentry
Sofia Gerrard
Jigna Gibb 
Lea Giroux
Jennifer Glinski
Ian Goldner 
Olesya Goncharik
Kaitlyn Goodwin
Regina Goodwin
William Gorley
Timothy Gorski
Becky Gowdy
Frederick Graboske 
Teresa Greentree 
Douglas & Lillian Greer
Emma Greschak
Eli Grossman
Dawn Grunwald
Jennifer Guilfoyle
Akeed Habeeb
Jake Hall
Pierre Hamoir
Lauren Hanson 
Ms Hanson's Class 
Ashley Harris
Bethan Harris
Elizabeth Harris
Susan Harrison
Sheree Harvey
Dorian Hawkins
Brenton Head 
Amber Hendershot 
Joshua Henshaw 
Ron Hermansen
Iain Higgins
Nicholas Higgins
Lisa Hilgers
Amy Hines 
Emily Hines 
Maria Hintog
Naomi Hobson
Shonae Hobson
Jay Hodson 
Lauren Hohenschutz 
Samantha Holland
Karolina Holmqvist
Emma Honkala 
Samantha Hood 
Wendy Horwitz
Kaitlyn Hudson
Kennon Hudson
Stephanie Hug 
Jamie Hunt
Samantha Hunt
Jessica Hunter
Lisa Hutton
Helen Ingham
Amy Ivins
Jade Jacobson 
Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School 7th Graders
Kim Jansen
Ann Jessup
Gabrielle Jester
Yang Jiang
Elin Johansson
Jennifer Johnsen
June Johnson 
Zacharay Johnson
Amber Jones
David Jones
Christina Jones
Nelli Kahara
Rakesh Kalva
Iris Kameny
Lily Pei Kameny
Sharon Kapple
Sari Karppinen
Borgny Katrinardottir
Carlianne Keeting
Hali Keller
Norma Keller
Cheryl Kendall
Jaymi Kendall
Keleila Handelman Kerman 
Molly Kidd
Susan Kidd
Donna Kiessling
Jens Kipper
Jennifer Kirk 
Ann Knierim
Caitlin Knierim
Diane Kortsch
Jeff Kortsch
Abigail Koruna
Lauren Krager
Christine Kroshko 
Aaron Kurosu
Shelley Lague
Andy Lampard
Julie Langenbacher
Rachel Langenbacher
Marcus Lanovaz
Nancy Lanovaz
Kate Lasher
Ellen Lawrence
Lazar Lazarov
Emily Leader
Anthony Lee
Vanessa Lee-Boudreau
Andre Leonard
Sheina Lloyd 
Vicky Lockwood
Chris Lodder 
Sierra Long
Jesse Louis-Rosenberg
Carol Low
Marilyn Luk
Jayme Lundeen 
Cindy Ma
R. Gordon Machemer
Pamela MacMasters 
Jodi Mallinson 
Claire Marshall
Ciro Martinez III
Cassie McBride
Ashley McFarlane 
Graham McFarlane 
Anita & Adele McLees
Meg McMurphy
Christina Mehan
Fred Mehan
Michael Mehan
Valerie Mellon
Antonio Miguel 
Yuri Cardoso Pinto Miguel 
Sara Miller 
Janet Mills
Melanie Miner 
Kevin Misenheimer 
Sara Moon
Tatyana Moon
Meredith Morgan
James Murphy
Tamara Myhal
Glenn Nash
Thomas Neal
Dani Nelson 
Katy Nelson 
Loretta Nelson
Dora Ngwenya
Paul Nicholas
Ab Aziz Nur Areeshah
Natalia Oakes
Brian Odell 
Robert Oglander
Davinna Ohlson
Daniela Olazabal 
Ricardo Olazabal 
Carl Oldham
Nicky Park
Tanya Parmley
Phil Parry
Sumathi Pathmanaban 
Lacey Patt
Ian Pavlich
Laura Peck
Jessica Peeples
Elizabeth Pennington
Miles Perry 
Duong Pham
Christina Phillips
Melissa Pinder
Olivia Pinder
Anjie Pinet
Annika Pipkorn
Angelica Plascencia
Rachel Porter
Jill Presser 
Louise Raden 
Suma Raghavendran 
Francisco Ramos 
William Ramsdell 
Elizabeth Ramsey
Sasha Rana
RCHK Animal Savers
Matthew Reading-Smith
Red Panda Beads LLC
Neill Rees
Sarah Elizabeth Reilly
Peter & Sally Ann Reiss
Alexandra Rentas 
Saul Rentas 
Jenny Rhodes
Lisa Rhodes 
Dennis Richardson
Emma Richardson 
Andrew Roach
Jessica Robinson
Katherine Robinson
Sarah Robinson
Lucas Rodriguez
Brian Rogers
Colby Rogers
Ellen Ronan
Patrick Ronan
Sheree Rosenkrantz
Megan Ross
Denise Roth
Jonathan Rothrock
Stefanie Russin 
Shannon Sabol
James Sailor
August Salick
Cynthia Sanborn
Andrew Sanchez 
Angela Sander
Nicci Sanville
Zoe Sanville
Elizabeth Sarmiento
Save Flash Forward
Laura Savich
Geneva Schlepp
Lisa Schrager
Norman Schwab
Stephen Sears
Jennifer Segraves
Elizabeth Sellman
Abigail Sewell
Paula Sewell
Nitin Sharma
Philip Sharp
Jennifer Sherwood
Kylie Sherwood 
Jennifer & Pamela Shropshire
Brittany Sikaffy
Laura Silverman
Patrick Simhai
Toofawn Simhai
Iona Singh
Madeleine Singh
Patrick Singleton 
Man Wai P Siu
Alexis Skaggs
Alexis & Jillian Skor
Hailey Smith
Michelle Smith
Rob Solomon
Natasa Somerville 
Naima Sood 
Rahul Sood 
Roberta Sowell
Rob Sparks
Marryl Spence
Dawn Stallwood
Elizabeth Stampe 
Tierra Stansbury
Camille Steenrod
Elizabeth Steenrod
Olivia Steeves
Paula Steeves
Drew Stevens 
Keith Straley 
Emma Suddick 
Emily Sullivan
Susan Sullivan
Melodie Summit
Doug Sutherland
James Sutherland 
Chris Swan 
Erin Swan 
Linda  Tabor-Beck
David Talbot
Carissa Taylor 
Stephanie Taylor
Lee Thacker
Alison Thomas
Chris Thorpe
Hannah Thorpe 
Russell Tien
George Tiernan
Jennifer Tipton
Rachel Torres
Marco Toschetti
Alex Tullo
Lucile Tullo
Jayson Turner 
Lauren Turriani
Bonnie Uhlenbrock
Grace Ulmer
Michael Ulmer
Visa Uotila
Farina Usman 
Shayanne Usman 
Robert Varodell
Vicky Vladic
Alexandra Vonfeldt
Jordan Wagner 
Lori Wagner
Sarah Wagner
Amy Wallis
Susan Wallis
Julie Wang 
Christopher Ward 
William Watson 
Jeffrey Web
Mollie Wells
Matthew Wheeler
Robert Wheeler
Jessica White
Elisabeth Whitebread
Bronson Whitford 
Flint Whitlock
Heidi Wierman
Gigi Williams
Dixe Wills
Debra Wilson 
Elaine Wilson
Katie Wilson 
Kerri & Rory Wojciechowski
Loana Wong
Alastair Wren 
Kathy Wright
Yates & Holland Family
Alexis Yeap
Nicola Young
Sophie Young
Sophia Zeidner
Jacob Zweifel

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